Wedding Gowns and Formal Wear

The hand cleaning of fine wedding dresses, gowns, and formal wear are services where American Drive-In Cleaners excels.

The hand cleaning of fine wedding dresses, gowns, and formal wear are services where American Drive-In Cleaners excels.  Utilizing the finest detergents and non -aggressive cleaning techniques yields a superior product.  You can choose to have your garment preserved as well after the cleaning process.  Preservation services provide additional custom finishing, special packing with acid free paper, a designer box for storage, and finally vacuum sealing, to ensure that garment color quality is maintained.   Garments with sequins, beads, and lace, as well as a variety of specialty fabrics and combinations, can all be safely cleaned using our time tested methods.

Furs, Leather and Suede

“The results are beautifully finished garments which have been revitalized to their original appearance.”

Made of customized materials, unique finishes and varied trimming and stitching techniques, leather and suede work are always handled with our white glove service.   Our technicians study each piece carefully and individually, to determine both the optimal cleaning method, and restorative process.  The results are beautifully finished garments which have been revitalized to their original appearance.  We are often told that we have exceeded our customer’s expectations; yielding great results on pieces that were deemed unusable.  Amazing!

Free Box Storage

“Utilizing our state of the art detergents, we clean and finish the garments to perfection.”

Bringing you the convenience of an extra closet, or just moving seasonal garments out of the way, American Drive-In Cleaners is the perfect solution.  Our state of the art detergents and dry cleaning equipment work in concert to protect your valuable clothing from moths, bugs and other pests.   After a thorough inspection the garment is protected and then stored vertically, within our plant in a designated area to maintain that perfect finish.  We can handle even your largest closets, call or email if you would like an in house estimate on a large wardrobe or other bug pest problem.